Online bingo popular with Yorkshire ladies

Online bingo playing is said to be very popular in Yorkshire according to a recent study as reported in The Yorkshire Evening Post. As a Yorkshire lassy this news comes as no surprise to me!

The study suggests that bingo isn’t only played by the older generation, with many young women also choosing to play. Bingo is said to be played by 31,000 Yorkshire women every week.

The women of Yorkshire are not only playing several times a week, they are also winning a sizeable chunk of the online bingo prizes. The study indicates that the Yorkshire ladies account for ₤18 million in bingo prizes every year. Many of the women rate online bingo as their top activity and 12 percent prefer playing online than having sex. Online bingo is more popular with 22 percent of the woman than going to the gym. Many prefer to play online bingo than go on Saturday shopping sprees.


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