Bedwetting solved by a mattress

My lad was infrequently wetting till he was 5 or so, and then he thankfully stopped (on his own I must admit, I wasn’t doing anything special for him on the night he didn’t wet.)

Then he managed for a couple of years without wetting once and I thought that was it, and he was sorted for life when he suddenly started wetting again. This was more frequently than before, he would wet around 4 times a week to start with, and after a month or so he was wetting every night.

I managed to combat the issue by lifting him at around 1am (exhausting for me though!), although I don’t agree with lifting as its not helping him learn to get up, its just a precaution rather than a solution.

Took him to the GP who asked what had changed recently, I racked mybrains and there was nothing that lept out that had been changed in our lives.

Anyway, one night shortly afterwards (whilst he was still wetting), he fell asleep on my bed and I hadn’t the heart move him before I needed to, so I left him asleep there whilst I went to tidy up downstairs. I then watching some late night tv (naughty me!) and ended up falling asleep on the sofa, with him fast asleep in my bed.

Woke in the morning and realised what I’d done. Sprinted upstairs expecting a wet bed, but he was dry (and happy!) and more importantly so was my bed.

Now the strange thing is we have the same bed, so it was surprising that he hadn’t wet mine, but in his bed the next night he wet. Put him back in mine the night after, and he was fine.

I was walking past a bed shop the next day and realised that the difference between our beds was in fact not the beds (from same shop at same time) but in the mattresses. Despite it being a very small chance that it was in fact the mattress I went and ordered him the same mattress as I’d bought for my bed when mine fell apart.

And that was 6 months ago now, and he hasn’t wet the bed at all since having a new mattress. The mattress in question is a memory foam mattress deluxe 700 from the memory foam mattress direct people at


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