Was the smoking ban good or bad?

I will start of by giving my personal opinion on the situation; firstly I am not a smoker so I think you can tell what I am going to say. I am completely for the ban, and I am much more happier on a night out or when I am in a restaurant , due to not having smoke blown in my face. The only negative side to the smoking ban in my opinion is the fact that some businesses are suffering due to this, I came across an article recently stating that many bingo halls were closing due to the majority of their customers being smokers and not wanting to have to go outside to smoke. Now although I don’t want the smoking ban to be “cancelled” I don’t want the British economy to suffer due to the ban. I think that some people are just a little bitter due to the ban and in time will return to bingo halls knowing that nothing they do will bring back smoking in bingo halls or any public place.


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